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Peggy Baker Dance

I’ve not posted on here for some months now, but have still been reasonably busy with photography despite the long cold winter here in Canada. I’ve been shooting for the Canadian Opera Company once or twice a week for their Free Concert Series at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre. This has given me an opportunity to keep my shooting skills sharp, when I would perhaps otherwise be in semi hibernation till spring.


Morgan Childs Quartet


Justin Gray/Synthesis

The Free Concert Series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre is supported by the Free Concert Series Endowment Fund established in honour of Richard Bradshaw. There are three concerts per week between 12 and 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at 5.30pm on some Wednesdays, and in case you haven’t already guessed, is free to attend by the general public. This is a great opportunity to see and experience some of Canada’s greatest artistic talent, not to mention other performers from all over the globe. If you can spare the time, I thoroughly recommend you come to experience the wonderful performance space, and the pleasure of seeing some fantastic artists.


Yegor Dyachkov


Yegor Dyachkov

For myself it’s been an honour to work with the COC staff, and I’m especially thankful to Nina Draganic the Director of Programming, whom I work closely with, and with Ruth Gillson who recommended myself for the role as Photographer in the first place. I love photographing, and seeing face to face such talented and dedicated artists, who can be such an inspiration to all of us.


Parul Gupta


Ravi Singh

Shooting the concert series has it’s challenges. These include being stealthy during the performance so as to not disturb the audience or artist with noise, or movements around the space. My comfort level has increased as each concert is completed, and now I’m pretty confident of getting the shot without being a nuisance to those around me, though it’s always a delicate balance between enthusiasm and discretion. One could be tempted to bring a big DSLR and shoot on high speed burst throughout the performance, but this would be especially obnoxious, so knowing to pick your moments, observing the audible highs and lows of an artist in order to mask your own “click” is a trick not easily mastered especially when most of the music is new to you.


Kara Huber


Ryan MacEvoy McCullough, Claudia Chan


Robi Botos, Hilario Duran

My most used cameras have been the workhorse Nikon D600 equipped with 70-200mm zoom, and the remarkable Ricoh GR with it’s wide angle lens and practically silent leaf shutter. Just recently I’ve also used the Fuji X-T1, and although it creates half the sound and is half the weight of the D600, it’s focus acquisition and subject isolation ability (with my current lenses), is lower than that of the full frame Nikon.

I’ve shot 21 concerts since Sept 2013, and enjoyed every one. These are a selection of some of my favorite images so far.


Gadfly Dance


Gadfly Dance


Peggy Baker Dance


Tracy Dahl


Rudin Lengo


Artists of The Glenn Gould School


Rudin Lengo


Tony Yike Yang


Tony Yike Yang


Nagata Shachu


Nagata Shachu


Justin Gray/Synthesis


Julie Hereish, Michel-Alexandre Broekaert


Thanks for dropping by!

Canadian Opera Company Free Concert Series Link

  1. Angela AsanteAngela Asante04-06-2016

    Wow. Great shots, Kevin. I can hear the sounds just by watching those captured moments!

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